Offering Various Types of Brazing Services in Jupiter, FL

Which Brazing is Right for Your Product?

When joining machine parts, there are several ways of obtaining a strong permanent bond. Arc, HeliArc, or EB welding all have their place, but if localized heat distortion, cost, or oxides are a problem, you need hydrogen or vacuum furnace brazing for your product.

Hydrogen is reducing, and the vacuum is alert, so no flux is needed or wanted! There’s no cleanup. Second, in most cases, finished assemblies are brighter than the one produced next because furnace brazing utilizes capillary action, so the entire joint area is completely sealed with a metallurgical bond.

You receive strong joints and clean, attractive assemblies at a reasonable price. A brazing alloy can be selected to coincide with the proper solution temperature of autistic stainless or the hardening temperature of a Martin mystic stemless to obtain the final design properties in the base material.

But also the capability for bright tempering and age hardening die in Erhard and tool steels and stainless steel’s.

Why is Brazing Your Best Option?

Brazing does not melt the base metal of the joint; it allows much tighter control over tolerances and produces a clean joint without the need for secondary finishing.

Braze many items at once, from small batches to huge runs.

Multi-part and complex assemblies allow for the simultaneous joining of several parts at once.